About the Club

Waterside Junior Motorcycle Club is a motorcycle trials club affiliated with the Auto Cycle Union of Great Britain.

In our early history, we were predominantly Junior members, though in recent years our members have come from a wider range of ages.

While the name of the club is Waterside Junior Motorcycle club, we welcome new members of all ages, and currently have members between 7 and 76 years old.

We are a family friendly club, and our riders encompass every range of age and ability. Each event has a number of different routes available to ride, in order to provide different levels of challenge.

We run events throughout the course of the year to enable members to practise and compete amongst their peers. We are able to do this due the to support of landowners and input from our members.

In the last few years, each event has averaged between 30 and 50 riders, ranging from adult Expert Route riders to youngsters being introduced to the sport, and making sure their parents get extra exercise chasing them round the sections!

New to the sport?

We are always open to new members.

The best way to experience what trials is about is to attend any of the events listed on the events page.

If you are looking to try the sport, please identify yourself to any of the club officials at an event, or contact us through the club email address. We are happy to assist in whatever ways we can to introduce new people to our sport.

Enquiries on this front can either be placed through this site, or can be conducted face to face on the day. We always welcome spectators, at no cost. This is a good way to get to grips with the rules, as motorcycle trials is very spectator friendly.

Membership & Event (Signing On) Fees

Club Membership fees are set at £15 for single membership and £20 for family membership.

Signing on fees are set at £15 for adults, and £5 for youths with over 65's set at £10 .

Signing on fees differ for Southern Centre rounds due to increased event costs (additional insurance, observers, etc). Fees for these rounds will be £20 for adults, and £10 for youths.

Your membership fee goes towards paying the ACU insurance permit, funds the annual awards evening, and allows the club to support local causes close to the club members / land owners.


We welcome anyone who wants to come along to an event and observe a section.

This involves scoring the riders based on any errors made whilst traversing the section.

We are happy to provide support to anyone who wants to come and carry out this essential activty. The events run a lot smoother when all sections are observed. It is also a good way to see how other people ride the sections, and we hope that all members will observe at least once in the year.

Observers will be paid £15 for the day.

Changes for 2017

We are able to offer Day licenses for membership to the ACU - these cover insurance and affliation to the governing body of the sport. Membership is required in order to ride our events, but having these Day licenses available will allow more people to participate, and lowers that barrier to trying

We have introduced a Over 65's event fee, set at £10

Event dates have now been posted on the web, and are available for download.

Free rides will continue for anyone who helps set out the course on the Saturday morning before the trial - if you wish to help, please email to find out when course setting out will start.

If you have any ideas for the website, please contact us

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