Membership & Event (Signing On) Fees

Club Membership fees for 2023 are set at £20 for single membership and £25 for family membership.

Your membership fee goes towards paying the ACU insurance permit and allows the club to support local causes close to the club members / land owners.

Signing on fees for 2023 are set at £20 for adults, and £15 for youths.

Your signing on fee goes towards paying the ACU insurance permit for each event, costs of obtaining land for each event, and allows the club to put on events such as the awards evening.


We welcome anyone who wants to come along to an event and observe a section.

This involves scoring the riders based on any errors made whilst traversing the section.

We are happy to provide support to anyone who wants to come and carry out this essential activity. The events run a lot smoother when all sections are observed. It is also a good way to see how other people ride the sections, and we hope that all members will observe at least once in the year.

Observers will be paid £20 for the day.

New Offerings

We are able to offer Day licenses for membership to the ACU - these cover insurance and affliation to the governing body of the sport.

Free rides will continue for anyone who helps set out the course on the Saturday morning before the trial - if you wish to help, please email to find out when course setting out will start.

Route Information

Every rider should follow Red & Blue flags, with the Red always on your Right. You then deviate to the colour of the flag that symbolises your route

  • E Route - No flags, use start and end gates only, with travel between down to rider ability
  • Beginner - Yellow
  • Novice - White
  • Intermediate - Red / Blue
  • Expert - Green
  • For 50/50 classes, where the start gate has a 50/50 sign, you upgrade to the next route, as below.

    These routes have been created to reduce the difficulty step between the route types. They are set out so that the easier routes for each difficulty will be set as the 50/50 sections.

  • 50/50 Beginner - Yellow, upgrades to White
  • 50/50 Novice - White, upgrades to Red/Blue
  • 50/50 Intermediate - Red/Blue, upgrades to Green
  • Year End Points Rules

    A number of rules are used when defining the year end results, these are described in these files, available on the results page.